About blacksmiths workshop

"Kalēju darbnīca" the main activity is metal working.

Wrought fences, gates, wrought banisters, balcony railings; stairs railings, window iron-bars, as well as very varied, exclusive and ornamental forgings are made by customers’ order. Orders are made by companies, restaurants and private house owners. Each customer of "Kalēju darbnīca" is special and each customer’s order is made with a specific approach.

Customers are offered specially designed sketches, according to their wishes and ideas, so that each order is a unique work of art!

To place your order, please call 26443005 or write an e-mail: darbnica@kalejudarbnica.lv and we will agree on the best version for your order!

"Kalēju darbnīca" offers blacksmith’s off-site events and various activities, such as fortune casting and coinage! Each has an opportunity to join and to coin his/her own lucky-piece!





  • Kastaņu 53, Garkalne
  • Ādažu nov., Latvia, LV-2137